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Hi Blog!

Last weekend was amazing! The boys had off from school on Monday, so I figured that we’d take advantage of the long weekend and go to the beach house. Unfortunately, there was a date mix up and Tom told someone else that they could use the house! Of course, I sulked and carried on for a good few hours because that’s what I do.

Things turned around quickly though because Sweetie McSweet-Tom surprised us with a getaway to the mountains instead. We had so much fun!!!


We rented a beautiful house. It was very private and quiet on 12 acres of land.


The house was kid (and adult friendly) with a trampoline and ping pong table and foozeball and, perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, swings hanging by the rafters in the basement.


We were all big fans of the hot tub.


The boys had fun exploring and doing boy things.


On Saturday, we went on a 15 mile bike ride in the mountains! The best part is that they drive you to the top of the mountain and you just bike DOWNHILL. That is brilliant if you ask me.


This was us at the beginning when we were still fresh and cheery.


The sights were pretty glorious.


We took a lot of breaks.



Here is my artistic shot of Tom at the opening of an old railroad bridge. Littlest thought that it looked like a dinosaur eye!


Tom and Biggest did a lot of fishing, which meant that Biggest was in Heaven.



I was in Heaven too, stitching while admiring this scenery.


I moved every once in awhile to find a shady spot.


The boys did not catch a lot, but they were very proud.


They insisted on learning how to clean the fish (Thanks a lot, YouTube) and preparing it for dinner.


We had enough to make a very small appetizer. It was delicious.


The next day, we found a quiet beach at the lake.


I love him.


In the evenings, we played board games and some very exciting Blackjack.


On Monday, Tom and Biggest went out early for more fishing.


Littlest and I played a few competitive rounds of Don’t Break the Ice. My baby, age 10 with bedhead.


I have always thought of myself as a Beach Girl, but this weekend has me thinking that Mountain Girl has a pretty nice ring to it.


Might be time to reconsider.



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  1. Beautiful photos! So happy you had a wonderful surprise weekend getaway. What a sweet hubby! The changing colors are really beautiful in the mountains. And what a perfect backdrop for stitching! I probably wouldn’t get much stitching done for admiring nature’s beauty.

  2. what a beautiful, peaceful place. remember our west virginia weekend trip with mark? i think you were there as well?! the fall colors were so brilliant and some other things shone brightly on the mountain top as well.

    it’s great biggest has the patience to fish.

  3. I remember that trip fondly! That foliage was indescribable… and haha I know what you mean about things shining on the mountaintop. Oh, to be in college again!

  4. Nature’s beauty is really something else. I never feel like pictures can do it justice, not with my lack of picture taking skills anyway! 🙂

  5. Julie

    Your photos are gorgeous! It looks like such a relaxing trip.

  6. Thank you! It was!!!

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