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Shopping Adventures!

Hi Blog!

What?! Monday again?!

On Friday, Tom and I went to dinner and a comedy show with some friends. We saw those guys from that old improv TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” It was hilarious.

Stephanie and I went shopping on Saturday and I bought this old blanket chest. I love it.


I guess I never finished telling you about our cross stitching adventures in Paris. I looked up some stitching shops to visit before the trip, but we didn’t manage to go to any of them!

One day though, we were out strolling near the hotel and spotted what looked like a fabric store. We stopped in and, lo and behold, it turned out to be a fabric, knitting, and CROSS STITCH store!!! Quelle surprise! They had a whole floor dedicated to cross stitch stuff! In a terrible moment of irony, my phone battery chose that exact time to die. Luckily, Tom was there to snap some photos.

I almost couldn’t focus. There was so much to see!


Evenweave and linen in every color…



They had a ton of pre-finished items just ready to be embellished with some cross stitching. Cute pouches of every shape and size!


And pretty kitchen towels!


There were soft stitchable bath towels in lovely colors…


And a whole wall full of embroidery books!


I had never seen the Rico design books in the US before and promptly fell in love. It was reaaaaallly heard to pick just a few items to buy.

I ended up getting two books, filled with the most gorgeous designs.


So tasteful…


And modern…


Le sigh…


I also bought a pre-finished runner and a tablecloth that was made specifically for stitching some of the designs from the books. I love the pretty texture on the tan one and … swooooon… white swiss dots! Who doesn’t love swiss dots?!!


Can you tell how excited I was to find this store?


The rest of the trip, I carried my stitching stuff around Paris in hopes of working on it during any down time. There ended up not being any until our final day at the Luxembourg Gardens.


There were a lot of people milling about reading and sketching and relaxing. Can you imagine a dreamier place to stitch?


I worked on last year’s 12 Days of Christmas stitch-a-long because it is small and portable and not too confusing, especially amidst so many distractions.


Oh… is someone selling baguettes? Oh… do I smell crepes? Oh… should we walk over there for a quick Cafe au Lait? You know, distractions.


I also stitched on the flight home and managed to complete Days 1-6. Quick aside, can I say what a treat it is to sit on your butt for 7 hours while watching movies (of your choice) and cross stitching while people bring you booze and food? Other people think that flying is a pain, but this tired working mama says “Bring it on!”


I think I’m calling this project done for now and try to do a little finish work so that they are ready for Christmas. It only took two years to complete 6 days. I guess I’m not so good at stitch-a-longs.


Anyhoo, that wraps up the Paris recaps. You’re probably tired of reading about the trip by now, so this week I’ll move onto more exciting things like Soccer practice and Chili making. Haha. Until then!

This and That

It snowed some more on Friday. Can you even believe it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.57.08 AM

This Monday I am dragging my feet. We leave in 2 days and I still have so much to do, which means that I will do NOTHING! Funny how that works.

This weekend, I personalized Pikachu for Littlest.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.04.52 AM

It is hard to work when you have a fat cat who wants attention all the time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.07.13 AM

I’m so adorable… Pet me…

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.05.06 AM

I was originally going to sew a cover for Littlest’s Pokemon collection, but got lazy and just stuck it in a binder.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.59.44 AM

You’re taking a photo? Should I get into it? 

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.01.34 AM

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and tidying because due to some kind of weird vacation psychology, the house needs to be in tip top shape before we can go anywhere. This meant that I didn’t even begin packing until Sunday afternoon, which meant that I didn’t discover that NONE of my shorts and swimsuits fit until 4PM. (Btw, Tom’s shorts TOTALLY fit, which is TOTALLY not fair.) So what do you do on Sunday at 4PM when you’ve gotten too fat for all of your shorts and swimsuits? You race to the mall in a desperate attempt to find some clothes before closing time. Not fun.

But let me tell you what IS fun!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.11.44 AM

My Laura Ingalls Wilder biography arrived!!! Wheeeeeee! It’s taking all my willpower to save it for beach reading! Man! I know how to have a good time!

Geeking out.

I don’t have anything about cross stitching to tell you, but I did want to pop in and show off my latest purchase.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.47.18 PM

Aren’t you just dying? And the teensiest bit jealous? I’ve wanted one of these forever.

My loved ones (Yes, you … TOM and you… STEPHANIE) are teasing me for it, but I care not. It’s what happens when you’re in your 40s. You embrace your idiosyncrasies.

So I will wear my calculator watch. And I will calculate stuff. And I will be happy about it.

Pumpkin Weekend.

I got sucked into the pumpkin madness this weekend.

It all started on Friday with pumpkin pie. Then I baked pumpkin muffins. There was leftover pumpkin from the muffins, so I decided to make pumpkin lattes (so good… recipe from here). Then Tom had pumpkin beer. By Sunday, I just wanted the pumpkin smell to be gone from our house.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.14.53 PM

We had a nice weekend. We introduced the boys to MadLibs. They thought it was the funniest thing ever. No Mad Lib is complete until you use “boogies” as a noun.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.07.59 PM

Tom and Biggest went out to breakfast together. It’s kinda their tradition, so Littlest and I went to Taekwondo and stopped at the library. He was excited to check out 2 video games. I was excited because I found a cookbook that combines 2 of my favorite things, Asian food + Pickles!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.08.53 PM

The boys invited friends over and had a massive nerf gun war. I hid out upstairs and cleaned out closets while they tore up the downstairs. Didn’t I tell you that my life is full of exciting stuff?

On Sunday, we went on our annual costume finding mission. Biggest already has his costume (thankfully!) but Littlest still needed one. We went to THREE places and he could not find anything that he liked. Finally, we went home and looked online and he found something that he liked right away. Annoyingly, it was sold at the first store we went to!!! I had to drive back to get it because I am too cheap to pay shipping for something located 3 miles away!!! Blergh!!! And can I just say that I am so sick of slutty Halloween costumes? I saw slutty Harry Potter AND slutty Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the store! Whatever happened to those clever and funny homemade costumes people used to wear, like Cereal Killer and Dirty Laundry?! Someone will probably make a slutty Cereal Killer costume now. Ugh. So annoyed.

But on a happier note, there’s this! It is quite certainly NOT slutty cross stitch!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.07.19 PM

Happy Monday!

Marching on.

To-Do list was almost conquered this weekend. Yay! Plus we did fun stuff. Yay! Plus it was sunny and warm! YAY!!!

Saturday was busy! But fun! I made spoon oil!

In the works…

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.15.14 PM

Completed! One for me and one to share.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.16.16 PM

I love it! It smells amazing and our butcherblock counters oiled up like a dream. I want to slather it on everything.

I went shopping and bought all kinds of goodies, including this cute cabinet that now holds my herbal potions and concoctions in the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.20.28 PM

Do you see that pink tile? It has been the bane of my existence. Unfortunately, it isn’t going anywhere soon, so I’ve decided to embrace it. This weekend I convinced Tom to paint the walls the softest shade of barely there blush.  It’s very subtle but I love it. Thanks Sweetie! He also painted the boys’ bathroom, but that one wasn’t nearly as exciting (or pink).

This weekend we also went on a date night to a fancy steakhouse. The lighting was bad, but the company was fantastic! Oh… and so was my steak, but I was too full to eat it because I scarfed down too much bread and appetizers and oh… maybe 2 delicious drinks. Oops. Yay for leftovers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.25.34 PM

And I feel like I’m organized and starting this week off right.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.37.42 PM

Now if only I could stop being confused by what time it is. Darn Springing Forward!

In living color.

Why can’t weekends last forever? I LOVE WEEKENDS!

We went to a musical at the boys’ school on Friday. It was very cute. Elementary school is the best! Tom and I had a date night on Saturday. We ate a ton of delicious Greek food. Greek food is the best! (Well, maybe after Vietnamese food.)

The rest of the weekend was super relaxing. I did a lot of clothes shopping, a lot of cooking, and a lot of stitching. I also got around to framing this.


It is now hanging in our downstairs powder room which is probably the happiest room in the house (in terms of color). I like it! I am trying to bring more color into my life in general. Lately I’ve felt so drab and timid and intend to change this. Today I am wearing a new pair of (very!) bright red Kate Spade pants. It’s a little outside of my comfort zone, but I’m trying to go with it.

A conversation with carrots.

I was so busy yesterday and never wrote a Valentines Day post. Did you have a nice Valentines Day? Mine was lovely. I got flowers and chocolates and a lot of hugs and kisses from boys (both big and small).

There was snow overnight. This is our house (my view walking back from dropping the boys off at the bus stop). It was peaceful and pretty out.

snowy house

I went shopping and bought this (in a different color), but I think I’m going to return it. It’s too small for all the junk that I tote around.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 10.52.58 AM

I also got this on super duper clearance. Isn’t it cute? I’m imagining a world where I’ll never have to buy gift tags again.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 10.50.59 AM

Then I went home and made these…


Everyone got home and we had a festive Valentines Day dinner that I cooked myself. We had Striped Bass, Potatoes, Sauteed Watercress, & Carrots. I made Ziti with Vodka Sauce for the boys because I know better than to plan any kind of meal without some kind of noodles. It was a very nice night with the loves of my life.

OH OH OH. Merry Christmas!

In my dream world, my whole house would be decorated with fantastic finds from Etsy, but the reality is that it is more a mix of Target and Homegoods covered in sticky fingerprints and dog hair.

Since my mind has been on cross stitching, I’ve noticed stitching motifs popping up everywhere. They were probably always there but now I actually want to buy them. Can you just imagine my excitement when I spotted the cute holiday line at Target with the stitching motif? Must. Have. I brought home an adorable red runner and throw pillow.

I went right home and put my pillow on a chair. I was so tickled with it until Tom and the boys came in and said, “Why did you buy a pillow that says OH OH OH?”


We had a good laugh over that one. Here is my pillow turned the right way.


Now OH OH OH is our funny catch phrase around the house. Try it. It’ll crack you up, especially if you are a 6 year old boy.

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